Existence of Creator and his Divinity

Chance of choosing Cheap Umrah Packages Tours and performing Umrah is not in the fate of everyone. So, if you have got the opportunity avail it on the time before you regret. Sitting in the Haram, Kaaba is shining from the far, observing the life, I observed people performing Tawaf. I witnessed the circle of life in the rounds of Tawaf. It is started from a certain place and each circle takes you back to another from where you start the next circle. Life is also like this, no much how much we run from the things, ultimately we will return to our Creator. In daily life, we observe the routine of sun, moon, birds, and insects; do we still need a proof of existence of divinity of Allah? The procedure through which human beings are given the life is all enough to have faith on Allah.

“Ask of them: 'Who is the Sustainer of the heavens and the earth?' If they hesitate, say: 'Allah'. Then ask: 'Then why do you take for protectors, instead of Him, other deities who have no power to benefit or avert harm from them?' Say: 'Are the blind equal to those who see?' Or do they assign to Allah partners who have created anything as He has created, so that the creation seemed to them similar? Say: 'Allah is the Creator of all things. He is the One, the Almighty". [Quran

Believers respond to call the call of truthfulness. Prophet (PBUH) was sent for the purpose of raising the truth and completion of Islam. The way world is following the routine, that can’t be on his own. There is the super power controlling all the matters and it can only be of Allah. The existence and oneness of Allah is the foundation of belief. One of the major sins is associating partners with Allah.

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