Welcome to the UNI Curriculum & Instruction e-Portfolio Wiki

Creating an eportfolio is not as complicated as it used to be. This page was created to assist you in creating your UNI Curriculum and Instruction e-Portfolio through a step-by-step process. These e-portfolios are designed to provide you with an interactive system for storing your educational artifacts and then aligning them with the INTASC Standards (2012).

The following pages are designed to fit your needs:
  • Creating Your UNI Teacher Ed e-Portfolio - Learn how to create your e-Porfolio. This page includes examples of portfolios, written instructions and short videos demonstrating how to accomplish specific tasks in your e-portfolio development.

This wiki is in the development stage so we are interested in your suggestions about how we can make it to better fit your needs in creating C&I e-Portfolios. You can leave your ideas in the discussion section above.


  • Possible INTASC+1 Artifacts - These artifacts are organized for the INTASC+1 Standards - NOT the new INTASC Standards (2012). This page might give you some suggestions. An updated version will be supplied for the newer INTASC Standards when it is created.